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Coreless Medium Pressure Filters 12CS/50CS Series

Coreless Medium Pressure Filters 12CS/50CS SeriesParker engineers have developed an innovative alternative to the age old spin-on style can. This new design provides all of the benefi ts of high effi ciency, long life Ecoglass III fi ltration, without the environmental impact. The new environmentally-friendly 12CS and 50CS hydraulic fi lters feature a reusable bowl and a patented filter element constructed of reinforced polymer end caps, microglass media, and polymer pleat support. The element core is permanently attached as part ofthe fi lter bowl. When replaced, the element reduces costs, eliminates hot drain requirements, can be easily incinerated, and is bettersuited for most landfi lls. The 500 psi fi lters are rated up to 50 gpm, with premium Ecoglass III elements as standard offerings.

The patented element design also prevents filter operation if the proper element is not in place.

  • Typical Applications
  • Mobile Ag
  • Mobile Construction
  • Material Handlers
  • Aerial Lifts
  • Pilot Lines
  • Charge Pump Hydrostatic Drives
  • Industrial Power Units
  • Machine Tools
  • Joy Stick Controls

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