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Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers

 Heavy Duty Shock AbsorbersHeavy duty Shock absorber offered by us is Miniature industrial shock absorber that is available in self-compensating as well as adjustable designs. These miniature models feature fully-threaded bodies for ease of installation in confined spaces. These outer bodies include Weartec Plus for corrosion protection.


  • CA2 to CA4 complete ACE product range of self-compensating shock absorbers
  • With these units ACE has continuous range of self-compensating units for handling effective weights from 0.3 kg up to 326000 kg
  • The robust CA series units are designed for really heavy duty applications
  • Damages caused by errors in adjustment setting is ruled out by their self-compensating designs
  • You can select correct model for your application using ACE Selection Program or by using capacity chart

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