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Hydrogen Generator

Hydrogen GeneratorParker Balston designed its Industrial Hydrogen Generator as a hazard-free alternative to high pressure gas cylinders. The generator can be used with any instrumentation requiring high purity hydrogen - anywhere a standard electrical supply is available. Deionized water is all that is required to generate hydrogen for weeks of continuous operation. With an output capacity of up to 1,200 cc/minute, one generator can supply 99.99999% pure carrier gas, at 100 psig, to multiple GCs, and fuel gas up to 40 FIDs. Based on cylinder gas savings alone, a Parker Balston hydrogen generator pays for itself in less than one year. Parker Balston generators are the most reliable hydrogen generators on the market. Maintenance requires only a few moments per year - no inconvenient, extended downtime. Simply change the deionizer bag every six months. If contaminated water or low water level is detected, the system activates a warning light and shuts off the generator- avoiding harm to the system.


  • Ideal for high speed and fast GC applications
  • Eliminates dangerous and expensive helium and hydrogen gas cylinders from the laboratory
  • Safe - produces only as much gas as you need
  • Produces a continuous supply of 99.99999% pure hydrogen gas at 100 psig, palladium membrane prevents baseline drift unlike auto-drying technologies
  • Compact & reliable - only one square foot of bench space required
  • Designed to run continuously 24 hours/day
  • Automatic water feed for continuous operation
  • Simple maintenance, without Snap-on downstream purifiers
  • Certified for laboratory use by CSA, IEC 1010, and CE Mark

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