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ICP Nitrogen Generator

ICP Nitrogen GeneratorThe Parker Balston Ultra High Purity (UHP) Nitrogen Generators are engineered to transform standard compressed air in to a safe supply of 99.9999% pure nitrogen. Typical applications include optical purge for ICP-OES (Inductive Coupled Plasma - Optical Emissions) high flow GC make up gas and carrier gas, including ECD (Electron Capture Detector), solvents evaporation, DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimeter) and virtually any analytical instrument that requires a small to medium flow of ultra high purity nitrogen.


  • Produces a continuous supply of high purity nitrogen 99.9999% for ICP-OES
  • Ideal for Optical Purge, extends analysis into the far UV range below 170 nm
  • Designed to run 24 hours a day
  • Eliminate dangerous nitrogen cylinders or dewars from the laboratory
  • Low maintenance, minimal operation retention
  • Other applications include high flow GC requirements

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