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Medium Pressure Filters MPD Series

Medium Pressure Filters MPD SeriesApplications

  • Circulating Lube Oil Systems
  • Power Generation Control Systems
  • Steel Mill Control Systems
  • Pulp & Paper Control Systems
  • Test Stands
  • Automotive Stamping Presses
  • Offshore & Land Based

Oilfield Applications MPD series filters are an outstanding choice for today’s demanding hydraulic control and circulating oil systems. The MPD’s innovative modular design, rugged ductile iron construction and coreless element technology, combined with many other features, provide solutions across a broad range of industrial applications.

 The Modular design provides user fl exibility for simplex or duplex applications. Incorporating side chambers as simplex filters along with duplex installations provide common elements across the circuit design. Construction features like full ported transfer valve with neutral center flow capability offer tremendous benefit in cold start conditions.

Standard features like pressure sensing taps, vents, drains and internal pressure equalization make this product incomparable in industry.

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