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Nitto Hydraulic Quick Coupler

Nitto Hydraulic Quick CouplerNitto kohki group provides support for more comfortable living today and a better life tomorrow across a broad spectrum of fields, from households to construction sites, from the aeronautic industry to global environmental activities. The group also meets ever-diversifying needs with superior engineering that promotes rationalization and labor-saving. New technologies that are unique, considerate of users, and convenient for people are being developed as next-generation tools.

  • Minimizing spillage during disconnection keeps workshops clean
  • Unique seal design reduces both liquid spillage and air ingress
  • Volume of spillage: about 96% less vs sp cupla type a
  • Volume of air ingress: about 94% less vs sp cupla type a
  • New valve design offers smooth zero-friction movement resulting in reduced chance of malfunction caused by deterioration of valve parts.

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