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PET and GLASS Shock Absorbers

PET ShocksIndustrial shock absorbers for the PET container industry

Ideal for Stretch Rod and Mold Applications When you're ready to optimize your PET blowing machines and reduce cycle time and increase output, you'll need ACE PET shocks to absorb the higher energies and reduce the extra wear and tear.

These durable models are engineered specifically to run faster, hotter and longer in Sidel and Krones blowers.








E4 Energy per hour:1.8Min-lbs(203,373 NM)

Rod ret:urn time:10 Second

Return force:Initial:3.8lbs(1.72kg)


Shipping Weight:44lb(.20kg)

Materials:Aluminum outer tube,chrome plated piston rod

PET Series & Model Number:PET27M

Effective Weight*: -1 ultralight-

                            3 Medium

Mount Button Options:PET27M

  • QCM Quick Change Mount
  • SBUC Small Button,Urethane Cap
  • 880 No Button,Short Rod
  • NB No Button,Short Rod
  • When using ACE Shock stop Holders,you only need to inventoryone Shock model 
  • krones Shock Stop holder used with-SBUC
  • Additional models available for custom applications




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