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PTFE Chevron Stacks

PTFE Chevron StacksA typical PTFE chevron stack consists of a radial Flexi-Seal®, followed by several V-rings and an anti-extrusionring.The FlexiSeal® is the main sealing element. A pressurisedFlexiSeal® automatically energises a series of V-shapedsegments stacked behind it, pushing the lips outwards.The multiple sealing areas which are generated this wayreduce the risk of leakage.Each V-ring responds to pressure shocks and even minorpressure changes by providing an immediate sealing effect.The anti-extrusion ring prevents the softer PTFE elementsfrom being extruded into the downstream hardware gap. Advantages compared to conventional elastomer-basedchevron stacks:

  • Benefits of PTFE over elastomer materials.
  • No special tooling required.
  • Quick design and short manufacturing times.
  • Simplified hardware and groove assembly as there is noneed for a mechanical loading mechanism.The chevron stack sealing elements are made from pressure-and wear-resistant PTFE compounds. The anti-extrusionring is typically made from PEEK.To satisfy the sealing needs of the Energy, Oil and Gasmarket, Parker offers a range of NORSOK and NACE approvedmaterials. A dedicated list is available upon request.Application range
  • Valve stems
  • High-speed reciprocating equipment
  • Forging presses
  • Injection moulding machines
  • Steel hydraulics
  • Marine hydraulics

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