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Slipper Seals or Radial Seals

Slipper Seals or Radial SealsSlipper seals are radial seals that consist of a polymer ring and an elastomeric energizing element. They are typicallyused in general industrial pneumatic/hydraulic environmentswhere a dynamic sealing element is required. Thepolymer ring faces the dynamic side of the applicationwhile the elastomeric element provides positive sealing atlow-pressure and compensates for polymer thickness reductionfrom wear and cold flow.A wide variety of profiles is available for reciprocating aswell as for rotary applications, both in rod and pistonconfiguration.The polymer components are typically made of PTFEbasedcompounds and other high-performance plasticmaterials. The elastomeric energizer is available in a widerange of materials such as NBR, HNBR, EPDM and FKM.

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