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Tema Compact Quick Release Coupling

Tema Compact Quick Release CouplingUsing this flow quantity diagram, find the right rectus coupling series for your application – andat a glance! At the same time, we demonstrate theprofile-specific compatibility/interchangeability with other rectus products and foreign makes. Inter changeable withseriesnominal plug borebrass / steel stainless steel thermoplastics safety thermo-oilsingle shut-offdouble shut-offdry-break version thermo-oilmold connections/straight-throughflow quantity – airlitres/minute**(measurement data generated in accordance with iso 6358;cctop rp50p at input pressure 6 bar, pressure drop 0. 5 bar)rectusdesignwaltherlp002rectus91walther06-003rectus20walther06-003iso7241-1serie brectus21camozziewokaniusmil-spec-c-4109industr. Interchange¼”iso 6150 brectus 23aroparker30 ¼”
qrc type coupling work on push and pull principle. When the adaptor is pushed to the coupler, its is accurately held by the self locking arrangement resulting in a positive & leak proof connection. This action simultaneously opens the valve & fluid flow starts. To disconnect, pull back the sleeve of the coupler, the adaptor ejects out and the valves shut off automatically. Valves are provided in type one way sealing & two way sealing.

  • Quick connect / release couplings eliminate valves and screw on fittings in many pneumatic, hydraulic and chemical systems.
  • Permits easy, safe, quick & reliable connections between delivery lines, pressure hoses etc.
  • Connection disconnection of fluid systems
  • Body » available in brass / c. S. - chrome plated (from bar stock only). Also available in s. S. - 304 & s. S. - 316 (from bar stock only)
  • Spring » available in spring steel s. S. - 304 / s. S. - 316 as required
  • Ball » available in steel, s. S. - 304 & s. S. - 316
  • Seal materials » available in nitrile, viton, neoprene, silicon materials.
  • Is as easy as plugging in an electric gadget.

Smallest mini industrial coupling,suitable for air and gasapplications. Primarily in medicine,didactics and model building. Specific application forliquids due to size

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