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Tri Gas Generator

Tri Gas GeneratorThe Parker Balston TriGas Generators are a complete engineered systems designed to purify compressed air into pure nitrogen, zero grade air (0.1 ppm THC) and dry (-40° C dew point) air. The gases exceed the purity, flow and pressure requirements for the curtain, source and exhaust gases on all Applied Biosystems LC/MS/MS instruments. The TriGas Generators can easily be connected to an existing compressed air supply. Alternatively complete "Plug and Play" systems including ultra quiet reliable scroll compressors are available.


  • Specifically designed to supply curtain, source and exhaust gas for LC/MS/MS
  • Purity up to 99.999% for organics
  • 10,000 hour/3 year compressor warranty
  • Special design ensures ultra quiet operation
  • Phthalate-Free nitrogen
  • Complete "Plug and Play" system

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