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Turbo Vap

Turbo VapThe Parker Balston TOC (Total Organic Carbon) gas generators are a complete system with carefully matched components engineered for easy installation, operation and long term reliability. They are designed to transform standard compressed air into a safe supply of hydrocarbon free (<0.05 ppm), dry (-73° C), CO2 free (<1 ppm) carrier gas. The TOC gas generators are an ideal for as a carrier/combustion gas to nitrogen, oxygen and air cylinders. Payback periods are typically less than one year.


  • Produces a continuous supply of gas for TOC's
  • Purity meets or exceeds all TOC manufacturer's gas purity requirements
  • Ensures consistent, reliable TOC analysis
  • Eliminate dangerous high pressure oxygen and nitrogen cylinders from the laboratory
  • Compact design and minimal maintenance
  • Designed to run continuously 24 hours a day

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