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Product Portfolio

PARKER ACE Automation Instrumentation

TAIYO Hydraulic Cylinders

Pneumatic Cylinders & Valves

 Gas Generators

Life Science


Climate & Industrial Control

Hydraulic Hoses & Fittings

Hydraulic Filtration

Seals & Orings

Industrial Shock Absorbers

Safety Shock Absorbers

Gas Springs

TUBUS Profile Dampers

SLAB Damping Plates

Rotary Dampers

Feed Controllers

Pneumatic Systems
Ac/Dc Drives,
Servo Motors,
Touch Screen
Electro- Mechanical products
Gas pressure Regulator
Vacuum products
CNG Dispenser
Climate & Industrial Control Fluid Connectors Filtration Seals
Industrial Valves
Refrigeration and A/c Systems
Ammonia Refg System
Hoses and hose fittings
Quick Couplings
Tube fabricating Equipment
Hydraulic & Process Air & Fuel
Gas Generators Monitoring systems
Gas Filtration
Hydraulic seals
PTFE, O rings,
Flexi Seals,
Rotary Seals, Bearing Isolators



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